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Yesterday afternoon the Trump Administration submitted to the Congress their proposed budget for FY18. See the analysis HERE as well as the administration’s talking points.


This budget lives up to the preview we saw in the “skinny budget” released in March and now more so than ever it is imperative that we mobilize our advocacy and let members of Congress know that this budget is an offense to the communities NDC has pledged in our mission to serve.


We ask our partners, stakeholders, client communities and friends to share this information. It was this same collective advocacy that empowered the Congress to push back against the administration and broker an equitable deal for the remainder of FY 17 and we must do the same to ensure a win for FY18 funding.


It is now the time to amplify the message that preservation of federal investments in community and economic development build HOMES, create JOBS, and make stronger COMMUNITIES.


The DC team stands ready to assist with questions, They will be presenting this on our next installment of our Washington Webinar series next Thursday June 1st at 2pm est.