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All of the staff and Board Members of The National Development Council hope that you, your families, friends and colleagues remain healthy and strong throughout this crisis, and that the communities and constituents we serve continue to receive our continuing support as we navigate this unprecedented health and economic crisis brought on by the spread of the Novel Coronavirus.

In response to the emerging crisis, our offices in Seattle, Cleveland, Cincinnati and New York were closed on March 16 and staff are now working-from-home. This work policy will remain in place until April 15, at which time we will reassess the severity of the situation and act accordingly. In recent years, NDC has adopted administrative practices and procedures that allow us to continue operations during times of crisis. At this time, as is always the case, we are committed to providing our clients, and partners with the same excellent service and support you have come to expect.

It would be disingenuous for us to say that business is continuing as usual, so I will add the modifier, “to the greatest extent possible”.

The following information is important for you to know:

  • – NDC is still working a ready to serve clients.
  • – Our telephone system will automatically forward your messages to the recipient’s e-mail.
  • – All mail sent to our New York City Headquarters is being processed.
  • – Payables, including loan and investment disbursements will be processed remotely.
  • – Decision makers and signers are now and will continue to be available.
  • – NDC’s field staff will continue to provide advisory services to help our clients weather this crisis.
  • – NDC Small Business Lending – NDC Affordable Housing – NDC Public/Private partnerships – NDC Economic Development and NDC Training On-Line are available and ready to serve you as needed.

NDC will be expanding the NDC Virtual Academy to provide you with real time updates and specific information about the Congressional economic stimulus and relief efforts being undertaken by state governments. We will also include best practices examples being employed by many of our clients and partners nation-wide.

We will make every effort to be available when you need us. If you cannot reach the person you need to speak with, or you just want talk, please feel free to reach out to me via email at Dmarsh@ndconline.org.

We are all in this fight together. Please take care and look out for one another.