August 29, 2018

NDC HDFP Michael Bates

“It goes without saying, the NDC HDFP Certification has been instrumental throughout my career. It is the very reason why, I can demonstrate my qualifications as a Development Finance Professional; while serving as the Executive Director of the Gallatin Housing Authority. My Board of Commissioners are very impressed by my skillsets to manage multi-million dollars LIHTC developments deals. In fact, it’s the invaluable training that, I received from NDC which has propelled my career to the highest level in the Public Housing Industry. I have received two 9% allocation of LIHTC from the Tennessee Housing Finance Agency. At GHA, I have been able to create private-public partnerships in order to generate over $18 mil dollars in private equity. By borrowing millions of dollars in construction loans and gap-financing loans, I have established a positive and incredible working relationship with a major local Bank in Gallatin, Tenn. I am known as an innovator and visionary; thanks to the NDC training.” 

Michael A. Bates
Gallatin Housing Authority
Executive Director

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