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HD423-Computer Spreadsheet Analysis For Rental Housing
The second course in the RHDFP Certification Program™, HD423 incorporates the use of computer spreadsheets designed to give participants the ability to apply the financial analysis techniques presented in the previous course. In this three-day course, participants learn to use rental housing spreadsheets as a tool to locate and interpret key financial information and to restructure a housing transaction based on revised assumptions. More time is available to consider structuring options for affordable rental housing case studies.
June 6-8
Portland, ME

ED101-Economic Development Finance
Participants in ED101, the first course in the EDFP Certification Program™, gain a solid understanding of both the basic tools and newest techniques used by successful economic development finance practitioners to assist small businesses and create jobs. The course explores economic development activities as part of a community’s overall economic development finance strategy and investigates the financing resources available for job creation projects. Participants analyze and structure economic development projects for small and medium-sized businesses as well as commercial real estate developments utilizing incentive financing packages.
July 16-20
Washington, D.C.

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