January 17, 2014

The following post was prepared by Mary Childs-Mayer, NDC Director of Government Relations

The CDFI Fund has fared considerably well in the last several rounds of budget negotiations, thankfully.  This is one of the only federal departments to receive a slight increase in budget authority. The details for the Fund’s programs include:

  • The FY ’14 omnibus provides $226 million for the CDFI Fund, an increase of $4 million over FY ’13
  • Native American CDFI Initiatives receives $15 million
  • Healthy Food Financing Initiative receives $22 million
  • Bank Enterprise Award receives $18 million
  • Capacity Building receives $1 million expand CDFI investments in underserves areas
  • Bond Guarantee program receives $750,000,000, a decrease of $250,000,000 from FY13
  • CDFI Fund administrative functions receives $24.6 million to support