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New Markets Tax Credits a Key to Success

Several years ago Salt Lake officials came to NDC looking for our special brand of financing and deal structuring expertise on a variety of local community development projects and initiatives.  The results speak for themselves:  projects include the Sorenson Unity Community CenterArtspace Utah’s Artspace Commonsmixed-use development, the recently-opened Magna Library and the installation of solar panels atop Salt Lake County’s Convention Center.  NDC, through its affiliate, HEDC-New Markets, was instrumental in generating equity for the Magna Library and Convention Center projects.  Darrin Casper, Salt Lake County chief financial officer, is justifiably proud of these accomplishments.  “We’ve been able to turn development opportunities into results, and these projects provide vital community facilities and much-needed jobs for County residents.”  Casper is quick to point out that NDC’s assistance has been critical to the County’s success.  Chuck Depew, NDC’s Seattle office director, “has a knack for structuring complex projects with innovative financing while balancing the needs of the key players.  Without Chuck’s help these projects might still be on paper instead of in the ground.”