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On October 5, 2010, the Seattle City Council passed legislation that authorizes the City of Seattle’s formal acceptance of a $1 million grant award from the Washington State Department of Commerce’s $4.96 million energy credit enhancement program. This $1 million grant, funded by Federal stimulus dollars, will build significantly on the City’s on-going efforts to support commercial and residential energy efficiency projects.

NDC is receiving $500,000 of the funds to support commercial energy efficiency projects; Enterprise Cascadia is receiving $500,000 for commercial and residential energy efficiency projects.  Combined, NDC and Enterprise Cascadia will leverage the $1 million investment eight times over – generating $8 million for energy efficiency projects in Seattle.

“NDC looks forward to expanding the Grow Seattle-King County Fund, our local small business lending program supported by the City of Seattle and the Seattle Foundation, to businesses investing in retrofits and other energy-efficient approaches,” said Chuck Depew, Northwest regional director for NDC. “We will use these dollars as additional leverage in the fund to target medium to large businesses.”

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