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Florence Fay School Senior Apartments

Florence Fay School Senior Apartments is the renovation of an iconic school building to fill an unmet need for senior housing in an aging neighborhood. Located in the Twin Aire neighborhood in Indianapolis, the development serves area seniors through the creation of...

Northern Hotel

One cannot walk through the doors of the Northern Hotel in Fort Collins, Colorado without feeling a connection to its past, to the day in 1873 when it opened its doors as the Agricultural Hotel and welcomed travelers on the Colorado & Southern and Union Pacific...

Sunny View Village

Sunny View Village is a new construction project that consists of one, two and three bedroom apartments and addresses the demand for affordable family housing on Whidbey Island. Working for over 6 years to acquire appropriate permitting to break ground on an...

Cony Flatiron Senior Residents

Today, the hallways of the Cony Flatiron Building are filled with a new senior class. The historic rehabilitation of the Cony Flatiron Building in Augusta Maine, has transformed the historic Cony High School into affordable senior housing. The project has created...

Brettler Family Place

These 52 units of affordable housing in one of Seattle’s most desirable neighborhoods are a proud accomplishment of local developers Solid Ground and Common Ground and NDC Corporate Equitey Fund. Bordering Magnuson Park and overlooking beautiful Lake Washington,...