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The National Development Council (NDC)  

As the first national economic development nonprofit in the U.S., NDC has worked for more than 50 years fulfilling its mission to increase the flow of investment capital to under-resourced communities. This work includes 25+ years as an SBA-approved small business lender. NDC’s affiliated non-profit, Community Development Properties North Texas, Inc., serves as our designated small business lender in North Texas. Learn more about NDC at www.ndconline.org. 

The Lending and Business Assistance Team 

NDC’s North Texas Lending and Business Assistance Team is led by Raquel Favela, a former Chief of Economic Development and Neighborhood Services for the City of Dallas with over 25 years of economic development experience; and includes John PalyoPresident of NDC’s Grow America Fund (GAF), a small business lender; Stephanie Dugan, Senior Director, with over 30 years of lending experience; Andria Martinez and Sheldon Bartel, both of whom have over 10 years of small business lending experience; Maureen Milligan, a former local government housing professional, licensed attorney and certified Economic Development Finance Professional; Claudia Sandoval, a former City of Cockrell Hill council member and systems management consultant; and Tess Lee, GAF portfolio loan manager. 

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