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North Branch, MN
NDC Corporate Equity Fund XV, L.P.
Equity Investment: $1,064,275
Total Development Cost: $4,303,724
Partner: Central Minnesota Housing Partnership

Willow Grove is the new construction of affordable housing targeted to individuals with severe and persistent mental illnesses. The Region 7E Adult Mental Health Initiative has worked closely with the Central Minnesota Housing Partnership to develop housing for this underserved population. The building is made up of 20 one-bedroom apartments, all of which will be occupied by single adults. This style of housing was chosen in order to give this population the privacy and space they need. All units will be priced at 30-50% AMI, and support services will be available on-site.The development is being modeled after similar developments in Owatonna and Winona, both south of the Twin Cities. These developments proved to be a great success at stabilizing people with severe and persistent mental illness – allowing them to find steady employment, go back to school, and even enroll in college.

Willow Grove