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NDC is a member or the Municipal Bonds for America Coalition. Last Monday, MBFA sponsored a meeting to discuss tax reform and the Trump infrastructure proposal, where the group decided to send a letter to all House Ways & Means Republican Members urging them to retain current law on municipal bonds as a part of their upcoming legislative debate.

  • The draft of this letter can be found HERE—it is intentionally short and focuses simply on urging Members to oppose any efforts to limit or repeal the exemption.
  • The intent of the letter is not to get Members to focus on its content, but to get them to focus on who signed the letter from their district.
  • To view and sign the letter please click here.

MBFA’s goal is to collect a minimum of 300 signatures for this letter. NDC already signed on.

The deadline for affixing your signature to this letter is Wednesday, January 11, 2017.