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Congratulations to all participants certified as EDFPs from the North Texas SBDC sponsored National Development Council Training!

The North Texas SBDC Network hosted our EDFP Certification Training in Dallas and Fort Worth. Participants from SBDC statewide programs took part in the 3-one week training sessions from 2014 to the end of calendar year 2015. Each of the  sessions were building blocks towards the final Certification Exam in November of 2015. The session participants ranged from 30-45 years of age with a high level of commitment from business advisors and directors.

The Certification training imparts the skills needed to get deals done, utilizing case studies and real-world examples. As deal-doers themselves working in communities across the country in support of NDC’s mission, our instructors bring a wealth of experience and a timely perspective to every NDC training courses.  The North Texas SBDC has already seen the benefits of this training with increased loan approvals by several of the graduates.

We look forward to following the great impact all graduates will have in communities across Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Florida, utilizing the knowledge learned from this certification course!

To all North Texas SBDC Network participants, thank you for your time, commitment and dedication!

Participant Group Photo Credit to North Texas SBDC


Left to right back row. Michael Ellsberry (Trinity Valley SBDC), Kevin Sadowski (North Central Texas SBDC), Don Proudfoot (Tyler SBDC), Brad Gottshalk (Paris SBDC), Jim Struwe (Paris SBDC), Sam Emmerson (Tarrant SBDC), Tim Holtkamp (McLennan SBDC), Darrell Williams (Northeast SBDC), Daniel Short (Navarro SBDC).

Front row left to right. Cle Royal (Tarrant SBDC), Leslie Leerskov (Navarro SBDC), Cynthia Harnest (Tarrant SBDC), Tracy Irby (Trinity Valley SBDC), Judith Collins (Dallas Metropolitan SBDC), Tommi Homuth (Grayson SBDC), Sergio Bento (Dallas Metropolitan SBDC), Steven Sweeney (Dallas Metropolitan SBDC) and Maribel De Leon (Dallas Metropolitan SBDC).