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New York, New York- On December 11th Robert W. Davenport, President of NDC will announce NDC’s commitment to preserving federally funded economic development tools by creating NDC ACT- Advocating Communities Together. NDC ACT will serve as a call to action to preserve federally funded economic development tax programs.

Davenport will present a white paper  that details the benefits of federal economic development programs such as, New Markets Tax Credits, Low Income Housing Tax Credits, and Empowerment zone programs at the Federal Community Development Policy conference hosted by Rapoza Associates at the Monaco Hotel in Washington D.C.

The National Development Councils findings conclude that not only do these programs produce benefits to the communities where they are employed but ultimately, by creating quality, long lasting jobs, they produce enough local, state and federal tax revenue to more than offset the cost of these programs.

For more information about NDC ACT visit http://www.nationaldevelopmentcouncil.org/index.php/site/overview_content/category/work_with_ndc

We will be live-tweeting with the #NDCACT, follow us on Twitter @NatlDevCouncil and join the conversation!