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This New Group of EDFPs Joins the 42 Graduates of Citi’s First EDFP Certification Program Which Concluded in 2008

On Thursday, May 6, Citi honored the 30 attendees of its latest Economic Development Finance Professional (EDFP) Certification Program with a graduation luncheon.  This training marks the culmination of Citi’s second sponsored EDFP Certification Program in South Dakota in five years.

Citing the hard work of training participants and their commitment to obtaining this professional credential over two years,  State Director, Citi Community Development, Ruth Christopherson presented each student with a commendation. Ken Stork, President and CEO, Citibank (South Dakota) N.A. and Jerry Nachtigal, State Public Affairs Officer were in attendance to personally congratulate students on their achievement. 

Thanks to the Citi Foundation’s generous support of NDC training, this new group of EDFPs is fully equipped to bring to fruition the job-generating and real estate development projects which are the foundation of thriving communities – and make a positive difference in the lives of low and moderate-income people.

“Citi is so pleased to recognize the efforts of these 30 students.  NDC’s EDFP Certification Program requires four weeks of intense classroom training and each of these graduates showed diligence and tenacity in achieving that goal. Their commitment to the communities they serve is clear,” says Christopherson. “Citi’s commitment to building the capacity of professionals serving South Dakota’s communities remains as strong as ever. With over 70 EDFPs across the state, the Citi Foundation’s investment in NDC training will reap benefits for years to come.”

And Citi’s new focus on results means the learning continues even after class is over. Jennifer Eismeier, NDC’s Director of Training Operations and Marketing, was on hand to begin the process with an introduction to the results initiative. NDC will reach out to students three months and one year after the class to see how students have been able to apply what they learned in the classroom to their on-going professional endeavors.

“NDC is delighted to partner with the Citi Foundation to bring NDC training to South Dakota.  Both of Citi’s EDFP Certification Programs have been tremendously successful and we look forward to continued dialogue with these EDFPs as they leave the classroom and put their hard-earned skills to work,” says Eismeier. “NDC recognizes the Citi Foundation for its on-going support of NDC training across the country and extends a heartfelt thank you to the special group of Citibank staff in South Dakota who work tirelessly to invest in communities with opportunities just like this one. Their efforts are what make this training so successful.”