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Thank you, Jackie for coming to this page for more information!! There wasn’t enough room to explain what we are doing.
What’s going on with NDC? We are hosting our first company Olympics that focuses on the same core concepts as the 2020 Olympics: Achieving Personal Best, Unity in Diversity, and Connecting to Tomorrow. Our whole company has been remote since the start of COVID and we have missed seeing each other in person. We are focusing on team building, and physical and emotional health and couldn’t think of a better time to do it than while the Olympics was being held.
How can Jackie help? Our opening ceremony is taking place on Thursday, August 5th and we would love to have you light our NDC Olympic flame and give a motivation speech! It would be amazing if you could wear or have your Olympic medals within the frame. This pre-recorded video will be a surprise for the whole company that will be played during our Olympic Ceremony. Everyone has sent in a video of themselves passing their “torch” from their left to the right. While filming horizontally, we would like Jackie to light our NDC Olympic Flame by creating a “torch” and taking it from her left to her right (out of frame) and act like she is lighting our NDC Olympic Flame. Below is an image of the concept and guidelines that we sent to our staff as an example.  After that, if you could introduce yourself and give a little motivation speech. And maybe say something about the work we are doing in your hometown, East St. Louis- I our staff will be shocked 🙂
What’s something about NDC you want Jackie to know? If you would like to attend our Opening Ceremony, please feel free! (We will pay!). NDC’s work focuses on HOMES, JOBS and COMMUNITY. NDC is the oldest  community development nonprofit in the country. Founded as a national nonprofit in 1969, NDC has worked for over 50 years fulfilling its mission to increase the flow of capital for investment in low-income communities. NDC directs capital to support the development and preservation of affordable housing, the creation of jobs through training and small business lending and the advancement of livable communities through investment in social infrastructure.
What does NDC love most about Jackie? Not only are you an inspiration to millions around the world and our staff, you are from and give back to one of the communities that we work in and where we are striving to to bring affordable housing and creation of jobs to minority businesses, East St. Louis. We share many more commonalities and we hope that you will be able to share in this motivational experience with us. Here are a couple links for more info. Thank you so much for doing this… I am so excited!

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