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Experts Patrick Robertson and John Godfrey will join us this Thursday, April 27th at 2:00 pm EDT for the next webinar in The Changing Landscape in Washington Webinar Series, Status of Historic Preservation Tax Credits and the Federal Tax Exemption for Interest on Municipal Bonds.



Preserving Historic structures can enhance the quality of development, but rehabilitation and restoration of these historic buildings can be costly  – the Historic Tax Credit (HTC) is a vital tool that can make these developments feasible. Former Senate staffer Patrick Robertson, of FTI Consulting, an expert on the effort to preserve and improve the Historic Tax Credit will provide an update on the future of the HTC in the tax reform debate.

Municipal Bonds are the primary means for state and local governments to finance public infrastructure that supports everyday life. From the construction of schools and hospitals to ensuring access to clean water, communities large and small use tax-exempt municipal bonds to save on interest cost. More than two-thirds of U.S. public infrastructure projects are financed by municipal bonds. Tax reform will decide the future of this exemption. John Godfrey, lead advocate for the Public Power Industry, will bring you the update on deliberations on the municipal bond exemption and how to make your voice heard.