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White Oak Estates

Baxter, MN Affordable Housing

Housing Development Type: New Construction
Number of Housing Units: 40
NDC Equity Investment: $2.7 Million
Total Development Cost: $10.3 Million
Partners: Central Minnesota Housing Partnership

White Oak Estates was the new construction of 40 Low-Income Housing Tax Credit units consisting of one walk-up 20-unit building, and 2 townhome style buildings- containing 20 units. In addition to utilizing the 4% LIHTC program, the property benefits from long term tax exempt debt provide by Minnesota Housing. The project serves a combination of 30%-60% AMI individuals and families and includes, one, two, and three-bedroom units. Central Minnesota Housing Partnership (CMHP) was the developer and manages this project. A portion of the White Oak project provides support services to tenants suffering with severe and persistent mental illness issues and those services are provide by a local service partner, Nystrom and Associates. Targeted case management includes medication supervision, financial planning assistance and there is be a 24/7 front desk.