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Ventbike Tech, LLC

South Bronx, NY Small Business Lending

GAF helps a minority owned, full service repair shop refinance its existing debts, providing large savings and creating permanent working capital.

Ventbike Tech LLC (VTL) is a full-service motorcycle, snow blower and generator repair shop, which was started in 2012. Wholly owned by Pedro Ventura and located in the South Bronx, NY,  Mr. Ventura founded VTL after 30 years in which he worked at a different motorcycle repair shop, also in New York City. It’s clients include some business-to-business accounts, most notably property management companies for which it services both generators and snow blowers.  The majority of its clientele, however, are individuals who require motorcycle repair and maintenance. VTL provides both regular maintenance (oil changes, tire rotations and general maintenance), but also can perform specialty repair work and customize motorcycles to a client’s specifications. The company also provides a storage service for those customers who wish to store their bikes in the winter. It’s customer base is primarily concentrated in the Bronx, however, management states that it draws some clients from Northern Manhattan, Southern Westchester and New Jersey.

Since its inception, the company witnessed fantastic growth as sales increased by 15% in 2015.  The company did possess receivable accounts and struggled to finance them.  GAF convinced an existing lender to lower its interest rate while providing new subordinate debt to refinance other higher interest rate loans while providing working capital.  The $75,000 loan has a fixed rate of 1% for the first two years of repayment, and a variable rate of WSJ prime + .25% for the remaining term.  These moves saved the company a total of $1,754 monthly well over $20,000 annually.

GAF is proud to help this minority own business prosper!