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The Emory Agency, Inc.

Georgetown, DE Small Business Lending

The Emory Agency, Inc., founded in 2012, is auto, home, life, disability and business insurer located in Georgetown, Delaware. The company is owned 100% by principal, Hunter Emory and operates under an independent, agent’s agreement via the State Farm Insurance brand. Under Hunter’s leadership, the Emory Agency grew markedly through the past decade and sought a permanent space in Georgetown from which to do business. Mr. Emory is a lifelong resident of Sussex County, Delaware and counts nine generations in the county – he also attended high school and university locally. He identified a property for purchase, at 216 W Market Street in Georgetown and engaged Grow America Fund to both acquire the facility and then to build it out. Altogether, he was able to improve approximately 5,000 SF in space for a total loan of $800,000 (both acquisition and buildout) at a fixed rate of 3% and term/amortization (with no balloon payment or change in rate) for 25 years. As for working with Grow America Fund, Mr. Emory remarked, “The GAF program allowed me to pursue an alternative method to procure the capital needed to make this project a reality. With the fixed rate term program, I was able to take advantage of the low interest rate environment and allocate a set schedule to my loan repayment. This in turn, freed up capital to invest back into the acquisition of new talent, extending our marketing reach, and investing in new software to accelerate our growth through the next decade.”