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Sicilia Pizza LLC

Salt Lake City, UT Small Business Lending

NDC GAF Assists A Family Owned Pizza Shop Become Property Owners

Founded by Amro Hararah in 1992, Sicilia Pizza LLC has operated at various locations in downtown Salt Lake City always renting space. It occupied its current space in the heart of Salt Lake City for six years preparing handmade artisan pizza’s, calzones and sandwiches to its loyal clientele.  This ideal location not only offers ample interior seating but outdoor seating in a 5 story mixed-use condominium. The property is owned by H&M Elite Consulting LLC which is in turn owned by Mr. Hararah and a long term employee Julie Marques.

To assist Sicilia Pizza, NDC GAF funded a $650,000 loan providing a term of twenty-five years at a variable interest rate of the Wall Street Journal prime plus 1.00% (5.25%).

As for working with NDC GAF, Mr. Hararah said, “GAF offered the awesome opportunity to finally purchase our location at a monthly payment that was very affordable.”

NDC GAF is proud to help this family grow steadily in wealth as it pays down our debt creating equity in a commercial property.