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Life and Wellness Center, LLC

North Bronx, NY Small Business Lending

NDC GAF Assists Counseling and Rehabilitation Center with Renovations and Working Capital

Life and Wellness Center, LLC (LWC) provides addiction counseling & rehabilitation services to its clients. LWC provides care to patients located in the immediate NYC area and on a client-by-client basis, throughout the East Coast. Currently, the company serves both individuals and larger institutions such as hospitals and healthcare providers. The inspiration for establishing LWC was a result of the owner, Gustavo Mejia’s, childhood in Colombia and NYC in which he saw many suffer from addiction. Similarly, during his youth, Mr. Mejia himself was at one point homeless and saw firsthand the impact that drug addiction can have on a community.

LWC experienced strong growth throughout the last three years and made the business decision to relocate the business closer to the clients they serve.  LWC identified a space in the North Bronx and approached GAF to assist with the buildout of the new location. As the business continues to expand and take on larger, institutional clients, LWC was also in need of permanent working capital to fund these larger accounts. To meet the demand of the growing business, NDC GAF provided a $75,000 loan with an interest rate of 6.0% over a 10-year term.

As for working with GAF, Mr. Mejia says, “My experience at GAF was extremely positive and successful. Everyone at GAF help me to understand the process in order to be able to complete my application. Their patience helped me feel like I was part of a team that was working for the success of my company. They really cared about every detail and question that I needed assistance with. Thank you GAF.”