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It Takes a Village Childcare Center

It Takes a Village Childcare Center (ITAV) is a daycare provider located in Syracuse, NY. The company was in operation since 2012 and rented its current location at 146 Lakeview Avenue, also in Syracuse, NY. ITAV is owned 100% by the principal, Tanika Jones, who as a single parent, understood the need for high-quality daycare so that parents can go to work. Similarly, as a lifelong resident of Syracuse, Tanika wanted to put down roots for her business so that it no longer needed to rent its facility and could build equity in a commercial property. To that end, Ms. Jones identified such a space at 301 Slocum Avenue, Syracuse, NY, within close proximity of downtown Syracuse. Altogether, with only a 10% down payment, Ms. Jones was able to purchase the facility and finance the remainder of the purchase of the building along with soft and closing costs from loan proceeds. As for working with Grow America Fund, Tanika remarked, “The quality of customer care was unlike any that I’ve ever received as a borrower. Everyone was very personable and patient with me while I went through this process. Because of the support I received, It Takes a Village Childcare Center is expanding our 24-hour childcare services and is able to help meet the childcare needs in our community. We are very grateful!”