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Door to Door Cleaners

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Door To Door Cleaners, Inc., is a family owned and operated business that provides garment cleaning services through 8 locations in Southern California’s South Bay region. Yasmin & Yasin Veera started the first location, and their sons, Habib & Sajid Veera, took over the operations and majority ownership ten years ago. The company currently employs 35 FTEs and plans to add 10 more with the completion of its new processing headquarters.

GAF provided the company a loan of $1,310,000 to acquire and renovate commercial real estate for a new processing headquarters in Hawthorne, CA. The loan also covered costs for energy efficient building upgrades and equipment. These purchases were identified with an energy audit that was provided free of charge to the borrower thanks to a subsidy from GAF’s Energy Efficiency Financing Program.  Most of the company’s equipment is Energy Star rated and uses steam/water recuperation systems.

Besides being experts in cleaning, Door to Door Cleaners is dedicated to environmentally friendly and safe operations, using methods that meet or exceed national clean air and water standards. They are a Certified Environmental Dry-Cleaner and have a long list of environmental awards & accomplishments in their industry. High quality and convenience of service have been the cornerstones of this business for over 23 years.