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Throughout its history, the Evans Building has been at the center of Spartanburg, South Carolina’s educational system, serving as a local high school and junior high school for over 50 years, until it was abandoned in 1978. Spartanburg Community College has a main...


The Makah Tribe in Neah Bay survives on fish. They are located in the Northwestern most corner of Washington State and 50% of their economy is derived from fishing. In 2013, the existing commercial dock suffered a catastrophic failure when the causeway collapsed under...

Port Arthur Savings Bank

The First National Bank of Port Arthur was founded in the earliest years of the city’s existence and its growth paralleled that of the city. The current building dates from 1930. It was here that the bank was an economic anchor for Port Arthur during the depression...

12th Ave Arts

Capitol Hill is the most densely populated neighborhood in the Northwest, and it remains a rapidly growing population center. Recent years have brought dramatic gentrification to Capitol Hill, with massive development of high-end condominiums replacing older...