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Real Estate Recycling

New Life for Old Buildings

Underutilized, vacant or obsolete commercial and industrial properties cast a shadow on the economic health of a community. But they may also offer great opportunities, through strategic recycling and reuse. NDC has worked with scores of Fortune 500 corporations and partnerships to acquire their surplus buildings through partial or full charitable donation, and to restore them to productive economic activity. Working with new owners and developers, NDC has helped turn potential problems into successful economic ventures in every region of the country.

Through this program, NDC has acquired factories that used to produce everything from automobiles to beer to textiles; warehouses; office buildings; theaters; a power plant; retail centers,  supermarkets and vacant land, and we have either redeveloped them directly or brought in new owners to invest in and redevelop them.

We bring integrity and expertise to these transactions. We understand the needs and concerns of the communities in which the property is located and the needs and concerns of the private sector owners in what is a highly specialized real estate transaction. As real estate developers, we understand the complicated processes involved in redeveloping older sites, including those with significant environmental impairment.