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NDC Housing and Economic Development Corporation (NDC HEDC) is proud to announce the launch of its new website, NDCPPP.org.  The website focuses specifically on NDC HEDC’s involvement in public-private partnerships, the benefits of a properly structured public-private partnership, and information on how NDC HEDC typically structures their public-private partnership deals.  The website also showcases NDC HEDC’s portfolio of over 40 projects amounting to over $2 Billion in development for local governments and public universities.

NDC HEDC has been involved in Public-Private Partnerships since 1988. Their unique approach to Public-Private Partnerships is bolstered by their years of experience in the field and their familiarity of both the private and public sectors’ development process.   NDC HEDC’s goal is to maximize the benefits of combining private sector expertise with the benefits of public sector financing to develop public facilities.  With the public purpose at the center of their mission, it is their intent to bring the public sector and the private sector together in a truly collaborative process

Please visit the website at www.ndcppp.org.