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Partnerships between NDC and local governments and agencies continue in hundreds of communities across the U.S. to work towards local economic and community development goals.  Since our last update, NDC has begun work with four new community partners:

For the City of San Antonio, Texas, NDC staff will assist with structuring the financing of seven projects including the Alameda Theatre, a new Las Oficinas building, and a Senior One Stop Center and Parking Structure, among others.

For the North Carolina Dept. Of Commerce, field staff will be assisting the Division of Community Assistance in implementing the State Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP).  The state awarded funds to 20 recipients, including local governments, housing authorities and non-profit entities that will undertake a wide variety of activities to stabilize and bring people back to neighborhoods that have experienced a high rate of foreclosure and housing abandonment.  Affordable housing will be made available to qualified low-, moderate- and middle-income buyers.  NSP is a Federal HUD program, created to assist those communities hit hardest by the housing crisis.

For the City of Inglewood, in southwest Los Angeles County and the Los Angeles Development Fund, NDC staff will provide assistance to meet a variety of economic development goals.