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Post information from our Advocacy Partners at The Historic Tax Credit Coalition. Your immediate attention is needed.

The House of Representatives Way and Means Committee is expected to begin deliberations on this bill no later than November 6, with a House floor vote expected by mid-November.  The Senate is now working on a similar version.

Please contact your House of Representatives members and ask for them to use their voice to advocate for the credit to be added back to the final House bill.

Contact your Senator and ask for the forthcoming the Senate bill to include the Historic Tax Credit.

How Can You Take Action?

Contact House and Senate Members – Call (during office hours) the offices of your Members of Congress. Ask to speak to tax staff, your staff contacts in offices or ask for email addresses of tax staff.

A suggested outline of your email message or phone call:

  1. Introduce yourself as a constituent
  2. Say “I heard the historic tax credit is eliminated in the House version of the tax reform bill. I am extremely concerned that this important community redevelopment incentive will no longer be available to revitalize our main streets, towns and cities and preserve our heritage.”
  3. Explain why you value Historic Tax Credits, and that the redevelopment of historic buildings will not get done without the HTC.
  4. Let them know some previous and future HTC projects in your state/district (Link to State HTC Map and Project List below)
  5. Touch on why these historic buildings are so challenging but important to our communities.
  6. Ask…. “As tax reform moves forward, will Rep./Sen. XXX stand up for the Historic Tax Credit and use his/her voice to insist that the credit be retained in tax reform?”
  1. Share with the office the video of President Reagan supporting the HTC, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kJAIopuPyI&t=2s


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