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Tenant Improvement Fund


Thank you for your interest in the Tenant Improvement Fund. We regret to inform you that your business does not qualify for the Tenant Improvement Fund.

We will reopen applications by 2025, so please use the time between applications to prepare for the next round, if you don’t currently qualify. Our Accounting and Business Consulting Program might be helpful to you in this case, and can provide up to 10 hours of free business consulting in many different areas.

Qualified businesses must meet all the following requirements:

  • Be a for-profit business with 50 or less full-time equivalent (FTE) employees.
  • Have an annual gross revenue of $2 million or less.
  • Have two locations or less.
  • Is not regulated as an “adult entertainment” business under Seattle Municipal Code 6.270 or cannabis shop, grower or dispensary.
  • Have a valid City of Seattle Business License.
  • Operating for at least 2 years.
  • Owner has at least 3 years’ experience in the industry of their current business.
  • Have a tenant improvement project you believe will begin construction prior to December 2023.
  • For design package: 3 years’ remaining on the business’ lease; For the sign and equipment packages: 5 years’ remaining on the business’ lease; For health and safety package: 5 years remaining on the business’ lease; For the new construction package: 5 years’ remaining on the business’ lease OR an LOI which specifies at least a 5-year lease.

Please visit the Seattle Office of Economic Development website for additional resources that may be available for you and your business. Technical assistance resources the Office of Economic Development include accounting and business consulting, expedited permitting, and the Youth 2 Business digital access program.