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The Grow America Certification Digital Badge Program

Our courses lead the field. Make sure the world knows what you’ve achieved with our digital badges.

A certification from a Grow America course is recognized throughout our field. Grow America (formerly NDC) pioneered the first courses in our industry and is still the recognized leader.

We’ve trained over 85,000 community and economic development professionals—more than anyone else.

Now, you can easily share your accomplishment in our courses with a digital badge from Credly. This badge verifies your qualifications and provides valuable career resources.

To claim your badge, look for an email from Credly within two weeks of earning your certification. Click “Accept” in the email to create an account and claim your badge. If you haven’t received an email or need help, contact training@growamerica.org or Credly account support.

Your digital badge verifies your Grow America course certification, skills, and qualifications. Easily share it with colleagues, potential employers, and your network to showcase:

  • Your certification date
  • Key skills
  • Qualifications
  • Efforts you’ve made to maintain your skills

Share your badge on LinkedIn or other social media, in email signatures, or on websites to highlight your professional achievements.

Our certifications


Economic Development Finance Professional (EDFP)

EDFP Certified professionals are experts in structuring economic development deals. They have proven skills in business credit analysis, real estate finance, and problem-solving to overcome obstacles (economic, financial, political, or social) that can arise in complex financial projects. This could include business buyouts, dealing with financial difficulties (workouts), and projects involving tax credits.


Economic Development Finance Professional – Business Credit Analysis (EDFP-BCA)

Professionals with the EDFP-BCA certification are experts in business credit analysis. They can apply this expertise to difficult financial situations like business restructuring, loan syndication (pooling loans from multiple lenders), and business acquisitions. They are skilled in structuring deals and preparing loan applications. This certification is specifically designed for people working in centers dedicated to helping small businesses grow.


Housing Development Finance Professional (HDFP)

Professionals with the HDFP Certification have proven their ability to use financial analysis, deal structuring, and negotiation skills to create affordable housing projects. They are experts in using various financing options, both public and private, and can successfully plan or evaluate affordable housing projects in both urban and rural areas.


Rental Housing Development Finance Professional (RHDFP)

RHDFP certified professionals have proven their ability to use financial analysis, deal-making, and negotiation skills to create affordable rental housing. They are experts in using different funding options, both from government and private sources, based on real-world examples. They have the skills needed to plan or assess affordable rental housing projects in both cities and rural communities.


Historic Real Estate Development Finance Professional (HREDFP)

Professionals with the HREDFP Certification have proven their ability to use real estate finance and development strategies to revitalize and preserve historic downtown areas. They are experts in developing historic business districts using the Rehabilitation Tax Credit, a key financial tool that attracts investment to these projects.


SEED Academy Graduate

The SEED Academy is an intensive training program designed to help people of color and women become successful real estate developers. Graduates have learned everything they need to know to get started in the field, including how to plan and finance a development project. They can determine if a project will be profitable, create financial projections, and prepare loan applications.

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