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Citi South Dakota honored the 41 graduates of the Citi Foundation-sponsored EDFP Certification Program at a ceremony in August 2008.

Ken Stork, President and CEO Citibank (South Dakota), N.A. and South Dakota Community Foundation executive director Bob Sutton were on-hand to address the group and personally offer their commendation to the new graduates.

From the four corners of South Dakota, even from Montana, attendees maintained their commitment to the training over two years. Kathrine Schnabel, Lisa Frazeur and Valerie Kuhl from Citi presented the new graduates with their EDFP certification plaques. They earned it!

NDC recognized Kathrine, Lisa and Valerie with plaques of their own, acknowledging their tireless efforts to make this training a success. With 41 newly-certified EDFPs, the EDFP Certification Program in South Dakota is one of the most well-attended in recent memory. And in a state with a population of just 782,000, that is no small achievement.

Citi also extended thanks to the following local partners for their support of the training:

  • South Dakota Governor’s Office of Economic Development
  • South Dakota Community Foundation

“The impact of having 41 professionals with the skills and knowledge gained through NDC’s highly-respected training will no doubt be a tremendous boost to creating and sustaining healthy economies in South Dakota communities. I continue to hear positive feedback from the EDFPs, not only about the value of the tools and techniques they learned, but also about the opportunities they had to network and learn from others who share their commitment to strengthening communities.”

Kathrine Schnabel
State Director South Dakota
Community Relations
Citibank (South Dakota), N.A.